Ace Investigations is an Ohio-based, licensed and full-service private investigation agency with a passion for justice and solving mysteries.


When faced with criminal charges, we conduct a thorough investigation to strengthen your defense through witness interviews and testimonial evidence.
When seeking damages for personal injury, wrongful deaths and police misconduct, we help bolster your case through interviews and evidence discovery.
We are here to aid your family in times of hardship. Whether you are facing divorce, child custody or infidelity, we find the truth for your peace of mind.
We provide prompt assistance in the face of business needs. This includes pre-employment background checks and employee misconduct investigations.
We work closely with the nation's innocence projects and other advocacy groups to investigate closed cases, uncover evidence and free the innocent.
We help you locate missing persons through use of numerous resources and tactics. This includes family,friends missing debtors and case witnesses.
Through use of covert operations and recording, our team surveils any subject in question. This includes for insurance fraud and workers compensation. 
For criminal, civil and domestic court proceedings, we provide prompt witness location and process service completion throughout the state of Ohio. 


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Martin Yant is the founder and lead private investigator at Ace Investigations. Martin founded Ace Investigations after an award-winning career in journalism. An investigation Martin launched while editor of the Mansfield, Ohio, News Journal led to the conviction of the county sheriff and seven deputies in 1979 on numerous corruption and assault charges. That investigation prompted Martin's interest in miscarriages of justice that culminated in his 1991 book Presumed Guilty: When Innocent People are Wrongly Convicted, which was listed by the Washington Post in 2005 as one of the eight most important books on miscarriages of justice ever published. Martin's investigations have helped free 23 wrongly convicted individuals since then. Martin and his experienced investigators apply the same passion and experience exhibited in those cases to all other criminal, civil and domestic-relations investigations as well. 

Ace Investigations works closely with a world-class private forensics lab with experts in DNA testing, fingerprint examination, handwriting analysis, document analysis, crime-scene reconstruction and computer forensics. Ace also regularly consults with renowned forensic pathologists and experts in many other fields as part of its investigations. 

Columbus investigator Micah Mitchell has both a Master of Science degree and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. They have a background in juvenile and common pleas court, and are experienced in the investigation of wrongful deaths, wrongful convictions, personal injury and domestic relations, as well as surveillance and process service. 



Investigator Amanda Harris heads the Ace Investigations office in Mansfield, Ohio, where she has lived all her life and has many contacts. Amanda has a degree in accounting from the University of Phoenix. 



Ace Investigations also has a branch office in Alliance, Ohio, with the highly experienced Melanie Athey at the helm. Melanie earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from Hiram College and a master's degree from Ball State University. Her professional background is a combination of community corrections and clinical research, making her an excellent investigator and researcher in complicated cases. 



Martin Yant's experience, expertise and dedication to freeing the innocent is unparalleled among private investigators, which is why he has been called "the most successful one-man innocence project in the country."

Martin works closely with the nation's innocence projects, other advocacy groups and individuals dedicated to freeing the wrongfully convicted. His investigations have helped free 20 wrongfully convicted individuals, including two men originally sentenced to death who spent 26 years in prison and a couple incarcerated for 12 years for crimes that never occurred. Martin was named the Columbus Community Festival's Honored Activist for 2016 for his "dedication to uncovering the truth and freeing the innocent." One of Martin's best-known successes was the nationally publicized case of convicted murderer Clarence Elkins. Elkins was released from prison when DNA tests Martin initiated identified the true killer, who later pleaded guilty. 

In 2005, The Washington Post named Martin's book Presumed Guilty one of the eight most important books on miscarriages of justice ever published. 

Martin's investigations have been covered by Time magazine, The New York Times and many other publications. They have also been featured on 48 hours, Dateline, Unsolved Mysteries, The CBS Evening News, American Justice, CNN, The Discovery Channel, the Oxygen network and the Canadian Broadcasting System. In 2013, he was interviewed about wrongful convictions on the BBC's Newshour show, which has a global audience of 43 million.

The Georgetown University graduate has written four other investigative books. He is on the board of directors of Truth in Justice, an organization that seeks to heighten public awareness of wrongful convictions. He is also a contributing editor of the Wrongful Convictions Blog, and a member of the advisory board of Innocence Matters of California. 



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