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Ace Investigations works closely with a world-class private forensics lab with experts in DNA testing, fingerprint examination, handwriting analysis, document analysis, crime-scene reconstruction and computer forensics. Ace also regularly consults with renowned forensic pathologists and experts in many other fields as part of its investigations. 

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Columbus Ohio

1000 Urlin Avenue, Suite 1821
Columbus, Ohio 43212

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Satellite Office

Mansfield Ohio

Investigator Amanda Harris heads the Ace Investigations office in Mansfield, Ohio, where she has lived all her life and has many contacts. Amanda has a degree in accounting from the University of Phoenix.

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Satellite Office

Akron-Canton, Ohio

Ace Investigations also has a branch office in Alliance, Ohio, with the highly experienced Melanie Athey at the helm. Melanie earned her bachelor's degree in psychology from Hiram College and a master's degree from Ball State University. Her professional background is a combination of community corrections and clinical research, making her an excellent investigator and researcher in complicated cases.

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